Real Estate and Retail have long been engaged in a symbiotic relationship for Lead-Gen, leveraging Home Improvement resources as the bait. New technologies that many see as raising the stakes in Real Estate and Retail are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Holomar brings a patented competing solution that combines the best of VR with AR, so that Improvement Planning and Budgeting  accelerates business for others, rather than being the barrier that it has been.

Virtual Reality (VR)

3D Virtual Models are making big improvements in the online marketing of properties, and their any-time access is crucial. Yet they won't help Sellers and Buyers plan and budget improvements, at least not within a reasonable period of time. This is not a personal matter of ours, just ask any Architect. This does matter to Brokers and Agents whose transactions don't progress until Sellers, Buyers, and Tenants conduct their research and become comfortable with plans and expenses for improvements. We help speed their clients through this process to accelerate business transactions.

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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) has historically been entertainment, but advances released in late 2017 now bring the levels of trust and utility needed to get AR into mainstream commerce. With AR literally delivering product evaluations within "Your Home" or office, Sellers, Buyers, and Tenants become better at improvement planning and budgeting. There are productivity challenges that come with this though. The time to calibrate AR and check out multiple product providers in each room will increase the time spent at properties, making AR a double edged sword for Agents and Brokers. We think Buyers and Agents will also be concerned with an inability to "go back" to a property to continue their improvement planning.

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Our Technology

Our platform improves business for Builders, Brokers, Property Managers, 3D VR Model makers, and others when they post Rooms and Exterior conditions buildings and projects with us. These anonymized Models (within the WorxRite platform) act like interactive Blue Prints, through which rapid and comprehensive product evaluations and budgeting occur. Products and Materials are presented from easily produced High Resolution image files that render in the browser at the speeds Consumers won't get annoyed by. This is advantageous to Retailers wanting to fulfill the Consumer's expectation that they can experience your full product line in Their Place

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The Market

In 2016 a prominant investment firm released a study on VR and AR, siting $3.5 Billion had been invested in these two technologies over the past two years, and forecasted the revenues between them to be $80 Billion by 2025. Real Estate and Retail are 2 of the 9 sectors included in this projection. In 2017 big brands in Real Estate have made tens of millions in additional investments.

Retail Sales of Improvement Products is $1.5 Trillion(+) annually, and these types of products will sell better through the providers of technologies that enable the consumer's building space to have a calculating role in the Look, Fit, Quantity, and Cost. Technologies like AR and Holomar's.

With Real Estate and Catastrophic events being the most probable predictors of high value improvement product sales, the rewards for delivering a better planning and budgeting experience will be tremendous.

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Next Steps...

If you or your client Sells or Leases residences and office space, find out how we can improve your business model and brand recognition.

About Us

Our Background

Our team built 3D Rocket Launch simulations for NASA in the 80’s and used animated 3D in the design of complex medical suites for nearly a decade. Our knowledge base runs deep in Software Engineering and the Design-Build practices for nearly all building types. Yet with all this experience we suffered bad improvement product purchasing decisions, and the lines for returns at Big Box stores confirm many others do too.

Our Vision

So we asked ourselves what if the people who build and manage our buildings had CAD-Like models in The Cloud for us to use, and if so, they should be interactive with the Real World.

When we go to the store, we should be able to scan a product code and then see it in “Our Home” or “Our Office” to know how it looks, fits, know the quantities needed, and have a reliable budget, and do it all in less than 10 seconds.

Of course we didn’t overlook The Internet, and yes, we should be able to click on a product and then see it in “Our Home” or “Our Office”, even if we discovered the product or material in a social media post while we’re out of town.

After years of design and test marketing, we now have the patented solution that rewards the Builders, Property Managers, Brokers, and others for helping their prospects use our version of the Interactive Blue Print of “Their Place” (WorxRite Model), because Consumers who are armed with confident decision making, sign contracts sooner and buy retail sooner.

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Calling Builders to Move-In on Resale

It WorxRite for Builders and Brokers

Conquering fears of the TI Budget




It’s Here!

As everyone was anticipating, Apple has now released iOS 11 with it’s elegant Augmented Reality (AR) performance baked in. We understand that owners of an iPhone 6 or newer are able to utilize the AR features, which is apparently a consumer base of a half billion people. Please search “ARKit” to observe the utilization strategies …

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