FF&E Planning and Model Sharing Solutions that Advance Workflow and Perpetually Capture Business Opportunity.
Spek-it brings all the tasking that AEC Professionals have been performing for FF&E Planning into a single platform. We integrate Vendor Sourcing with Easy Rendering and Project Budgeting. Client Planning Meetings become far more productive and our Model Sharing Solutions enable Clients and Prospects to become reliable Collaborators. Outcomes also improve BIM Strategies and Room by Room Database management.
Collaboration is abundantly utilized within the construction industry, but the complexity of Design-Build software prevents Clients and Prospects from also contributing to the Professional’s productivity. As a result, Client dynamics and Prospect misconceptions significantly disrupt the Professional’s profitability. Providing WorxRite Models to Clients and Prospects converts them into reliable collaborators and more.
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More on Productivity and Revenue gains thru Speak-it . . .
"Put it in Workset 6" so that your Healthcare and Scientific FF&E Planning is less likely to have budget shortfalls and Project Workflow is not disrupted with frequent Budget Revisions and Modifications to the Project’s Architectural Model. Workset6 enables project owners to plan, collaborate, and document like a Pro, to stay ahead of the Architectural team in their Vendor selection and product placement.
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FF&E = Furnishings, Fixtures, and Equipment, however our platforms also support planning, rendering, and budgeting of finishes and appliances. Another benefit of our technology is photo-quality product and material rendering. No bland CAD blocks and ugly tags in your work.
Vendors, we are also fulfilling your wish to be Marketing Thru The Model. Our innovative HTML Rendering Platforms and User Workflow establish environments that respect User Privacy while providing the Product Experience that all parties want decision makers to have.
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More on Productivity and Revenue gains thru Workset6 . . .
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